• About Us

    We have over two decades of experience working for the larger blue chips like IBM, JPM Chase and HP. Working in a range of functional areas like banking, finance, police information systems.

    Global Span
    We have worked with Swift in the USA, IBM and Agilent in Europe, JPM Chase in the UK. Although travel is possible global networks, communications and a favourable exchange rate allow us to offer a reliable and low cost service from New Zealand. The time difference allows us to work while Europe and the USA sleep.

    We are interested in new challenges in the areas of big data, testing or data warehouse. If you have a problem that you would like to discuss we would be pleased to hear from you.

  • Our Service

    We have the experience to enable us to meet your goals. We have worked with some of the larger blue chip companies world wide. Whether your issue is big data, testing or data warehouse related. Contact us to discuss.

    Low Cost
    With a favourable exchange rate we can offer you lower cost consultancy and maintenance costs. Just book the hours that you need !

    Over Night
    We can work while Europe and the USA sleep so extending your business day and efficiency. We are happy to liase with your staff to achieve effective team work.

    Mile Stones
    You can set the mile stones and we will work towards them. Your goals are ours !

  • Quotes

    You want an idea of how much your task or project will cost ? Tell us what you need and we will break down the project into its component parts and estimate the cost for you.

    Time Line
    We will provide you with cost and timing estimates broken down into their constituant parts.

    Technology Options
    We will help you develop your project requirements and advise on technologies available.

    We are here to advise you to help complete your project.

    Keeping the cost down !
    We will try to help you keep the cost down, its in our interest to do so.

  • Warehousing Solutions

    We sell consultancy not software so we can advise you what technologies and software to use and we sell you our time to help you to create your system.

    Low Cost
    Because we advise the use of public domain software and free ware the costs are low. We advise a platform of Linux and Oracle and a data warehouse based on publically downloadable software. The choice of business intelligence reporing tools is up to you, we can help with systems like business objects.

    The software that we suggest is scaleable and currently used by at least one blue chip company. The biggest system in use has 160 feeds and a maximum table size of 1.3 billion rows. So although you may start small you will have room to grow.

    What we cannot do
    We are not DBA's or Linux system administrators, we operate in the application layer. So given that you have your own Linux host(s) and have purchased Oracle license(s) we can provide the know how to create the warehouse. We are not Business Objects administrators but we can help with your report generation and BO universe changes.

    We can adivise on star schema versus data vault and third normal form systems. Whether you want to use datamarts or a simpler third normal form business intelligence presentation layer its up to you. We are here to help you.

    We approach development from a system support point of view. A system may be developed with in a year but may be supported and maintained for a decade. So the development costs will be dwarfed by the cost to support.

    So we say KEEP IT SIMPLE !, for instance keep discreet ETL operations simple to say a single DDL operation ( insert / update / merge ). Keep feed flows discreet in the warehouse as much as possible until they get to the presentation layer.

    Use automated validation tools to keep data quality high and retain the confidence and buy in of your users.

    Keeping the cost down !
    By using publically available systems and only using our services when you need them you keep your costs down. By keeping your system complexity to a minimum you also keep support costs down.

    Public Domain Versus Warehouse Builders
    There is a debate that says you should shy away from hand coding plsql packages to perform your ETL operations. That you should use a warehouse building tool on the open market.

    Each approach has its pro's and cons. But either way your support staff end up supporting the code that is either hand written or system generated. If in five or six years time when perhaps the tool is no longer available ( OWB ?) it may not be possible to understand the generated code to enable porting.

    At least when writing your own ETL code in say PLSQL you will have the option to keep the ETL simple, minimise the number of steps and make sure that the code is easy to understand.

    Attribute Mapping
    We believe in attribute mapping data flows from source to target down to the data attribue level. We find that this aids understanding of the warehouse and maintenance. We will provide the tools to do this.

    Want to know more ?
    Want to know more ? Please feel free to contact us or read more on Data Warehousing

  • About Our Company

    We are based in Paraparaumu, New Zealand on the Kapiti coast.

    We offer global consultancy services for big data, testing and data warehouse.

    If you have a task that you would like to investigate and quote for then please contact us with details. We will work with you to provide a cost and effort break down to indicate the size of your project.

  • our clients

    These are just some of the clients that we have worked with and contracted for over the last two decades in the UK, Europe, the USA and the asia pacific.

    JPM Chase
    Financial backend systems maintenance and support GO TO SITE

    Data warehoue maintenance and support GO TO SITE

    various sites, UK, Belgium, forex development and support GO TO SITE

    Various site, Belgium, Germany, measurement systems development and support. GO TO SITE

  • contacts

    Semtech Solutions Ltd
    108 Guildford Drive
    Paraparaumu, 5032, NZ.

    Telephone:+64 (0)220133731
    E-mail: info@semtech-solutions.co.nz

  • Support

    Support Services
    We can offer a support service tailored to your needs.

    Low Cost
    We offer a low cost service because of the favourable exchange rate to the NZ dollar. You only need to book and pay for those hours that you need. Dont need a full time support role ? Fine, book a few hours a day.

    Remote Service
    Most organisations have remote access technology ( ie citrix portals ) now. We offer support via remote access and make use of modern tools i.e. skype, screen sharing, email, messenger. This keeps costs down and does not tie up a precious and costly seat in your organisation.

    Time Difference
    We can use the time difference here in NZ to offer support services during those night time hours when your staff would rather be in bed.

  • Books

    Big Data Books
    Check out our first big data book Big Data Made Easy details are available at our publishers Apress or Springer or you can find it on Amazon This book helps a big data beginner investigate the complete Hadoop tool set. .

    We have also published an Apache Spark based book called Mastering Apache Spark. The details for this book can be found at the Packt website. This is a mid range book that builds on the first book and tackles big data real time in memory data processing.

    Having published the books above the plan is now to publish a third book about big data. The first book above tackled Hadoop based batch processing, the second investigated near real time processing with Spark. The third book will be called Big Data Analytics and will be an entry level book teaching by example.

    Details can be found at our Kickstarter project. This book should be a project of nine chapters and 350 pages taking between 8 and 10 months to produce.

  • Open Source

  • Our Services


    What can we do for you ?
    We are an IT consultancy based in New Zealand, specialising in areas like

    Data Warehousing
    Systems Maintenance & Support
    Staff Selection - see our shop
    Open Source

    We offer you the ability to book just those hours that you need to get your task completed in a cost effective manner.

    We specialise in areas like Oracle development and support/maintenance of inhouse systems.

    Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements

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